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SteamJet Car Spa SA


SteamJet Car Spa SA is still in it's infancy stage, but we have already drawn a huge spectrum of interest.

Cleaning in industrial settings can take up lots of time, effort and patience. This is why SteamJet has developed better and more advanced cleaning machines to make industrial cleaning tasks easier and faster. As a result, you can now choose from a range of SteamJet machines designed for industrial settings. 

Our industrial SteamJet steamers are one of the most versatile class of cleaning machines available today. To begin with, they are ruggedly built steam cleaning machines that can easily withstand the demands of industrial environments. The high-quality, stainless steel components of our SteamJet machines make them reliable and durable, even when faced with challenging cleaning requirements. And the steam gun is capable of reaching and cleaning the most difficult of areas.

Temperatures generated by our industrial SteamJet cleaners can reach extremely high levels of up to 90°C. These super-hot steam temperatures dissolve and soften stubborn dirt and grime that accumulates on parts and components.

Another steam-related fact about quality industrial steam jet cleaners is that the density of steam they generate is about 200% greater than the density of steam generated by standard or lower-quality steam cleaners. This high steam density increases productivity by speeding up the cleaning process. This is perfect for industrial environments which have vast areas to cover. And to enable continuous steam cleaning of these large areas across long periods of time, our models feature a water tank with 20 litre capacity. 

Industrial cleaners also include a continuous refill capability that enables non-stop production of vaporized steam, allowing you to work continuously until the job is done.

Traditional cleaning techniques used by conventional cleaning machines often require the addition of chemical sanitizes to disinfect surfaces. However, in the case of our industrial steam jet cleaners, you do not have to depend on hazardous chemicals to ensure sanitation. The power of steam can simultaneously clean and sanitize a variety of surfaces. For disinfecting capabilities, some industrial steam jet cleaners even feature anti-bacterial technology to remove up to 99.9% of bacteria.

So if you're one of the increasing number of people who now recognize the significance of "green" cleaning methods, then you might want to opt for one of our industrial SteamJet cleaners!