SteamJet Car Spa SA

SteamJet Car Spa SA is a revolutionary way to clean cars,it's not only good and kind to your vehicle but to the enviroment as well.

Our SteamJet  system uses about 2,5 - 5 litres of water to wash a vehicle, at 8 bar of pressure, and the steam produced is at 80-90°C , compared to high pressure water systems that use about 50-200 litres of water, at 45-160 bar of pressure.

SteamJet is safe and gentle enough to be used on all vehicle exterior surfaces and finishes, including interior and engines.

SteamJet is Eco-friendly, as there is hardly any water wastage and all cleaning products used are water based and bio degradable.


SteamJet systems are the only system that have a 'wash & wax' function that can be turned on and off at a switch of a button.


SteamJet Car Spa SA

SteamJet Car Spa SA not only washes vehicles, we have sole distributions rights for the SteamJet product in South Africa.
Our machines come with a one year manufacture warranty and we do provide extended warranties.
We have different packages available for any individual who wishes to enter the Steam Car Wash Revolution.